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Operation: F.U.R.R.Y
Frivolious and Utterly Ridiculous Ruse, Yieldless

May this very entry on my blog serve as a warning for the mankind, as it, not unlike the divine myths of old, just may be the reality.
My ultimate goal consists of making roughly TWO BILLION DOLLARS (US) by drawing anthropomorphic characters in risqué posstures. Some would even describe it as borderline-pornographic, to which I would ask: "borderline?".
First, I will set the record straight: I am no furry. Just the thought of it sounds ridiculous to me, liking those colourfull, fluffy, warm-to-the-touch bastards, man, how can it even be done. It is all just plain ol' simple business, gotta make money somehow allright?
To start off, I needed to gather some references. I downloaded nearly 0.5 gigs of furry porn to my mobile device. It was done purrely for scientific purrpuses.
I wanted to mainly focus on drawing foxes. That, however, does not mean I like anthropomorphic foxes more than any other humanoid-styled animal. I just hate them the least.
But why would I need references? Turns out I am no artist, as far as drawing is the art in question, anyways. And I could have bought some drawing courses, idk, some books, perhaps on this stuff, but that would have required financial invenstment. And that is no good. I want my billions flowing asap, so, there is no time or reason to such silly investments.
That is how I got here.
Every journey must start with something, I started mine with half a gigabyte of furry pornography :/
I knew it would not be easy, but I will prevail. And the whole world will bear witness to it
Consider this the second coming of Christ.
Connection terminated.
It is already confusing :/
It is quite (un)fortunate that yesterday I have already started drawing my first O(?)C(?), who is not original, nor a character. At least for now. So, this entry is kinda like a post-mortem log.
As stated before, I wanted to learn by imitation, thus, the first logical step would involve imitating some kind of already existing artwork. Rummaging through my newfound collection of smut with foxes, I came out with this:
I will be using ibisPaintX for android cuz I want to make things professional 'round here, unlike my earlier drawing attempts
Oh, and btw, I will keep this place family-fucking-friendly, lotsa swears, but no explicit content. I swear I will try my best to censor every nipple or ass that will be posted here.

And just like that, I stepped onto this (in)finite staircase to world domination.
I layerd the image file from above with my drawing layer to try to replicate the fundamental shapes of one foxess head. It was kinda like reverse-engineering, everything is obfuscated as fuck and you need to derive the rules behind the painting, reconstruct it an all.
I came out of that with this outline, having understood the basics of furries and ready to implement them in some original context.
So, to my understanding, a furryss head is shaped like a slightly-elliptical sphere, mostly because of side-cheek fur (what in the world am I even typing here :/ )
Then, an immensely important part: the ears. I figured, they are upright when oness expression is neutral, visibly convex (or concave, the same idea) and are quite furry on the inside.
In this instance, artist decided to hide the ear roots(?) behind strands of blond hair (that sounds disturbing btw, furries with hair). And I quite liked (fuck, I mean not liked, rather respected alright, Imm still no furry, mind that) the color transition on the ears. I want to incorporate that in my art too
I did not understand the snout, however. Have no idea on how that is done :/

It was my turn to create an abomination of human and animal, merging like unsterile water, like the one found in any britain's citizen tap, and top-notch world class wine, resulting in a substance you want to throw up because of after tasting it.
Here is my attempt:
I was trying, 'lright? Nothing comes first try, or as we, russians say "first pancake is always a lump of shit. bliad`" (not the exact translation)
The glaring problems I took note of are the phallic snout obviously and the uninteresting (and uninterested) expression on that foxess face. It's like it is pledging you to kill it and end the misery. Good stuff.
All in all, nice first attempt. But do not laugh it off, I will achieve my goals and everyone who was against me will be obliterated. With money idk.
I am seriously dedicated and motivated. I will be training my drawing skills everyday for at least 2 hours a day. But untill my next post, brace yourselves.
Connection terminated.
But it is nighttime now
found this while I was digging for more reference
gotta love the homestuck fandom
Connection terminated.
Progress I guess?
I am already nearly 8 hours and 4 arts in. That is concerning. Even more concerning is the fact, that, uhh... I kinda enjoyed the drawing process behind all of those works :/
Still am no furry tho
Alright, so, my second art is still not too original unfortunately. I chose this as my reference. I then overlayed this with my canvas and copied the general structure.
I figured I should add at least something original for it to help me on my way to godhood as a furry smut artist, so, I decided to change her (oh no, I now call them by their visually-perceived pronouns) face expression. That went fairly smoothly, turned out just as I wanted it too.
The posture of this creature was also one of the things I wanted to practice drawing, so I envisioned her to be doing the ✌ gesture with her right hand, and the left one should have been around the back. It went horribly wrong. As it turns out, drawing hands is hard, and drawing paws -- even harder. I was not to be dissuaded though, so I have tried it a couple of times. As you can (not) see those pictures here, they were gutwrenchingly horrifying, to the point of me deleting those renders.
There was one attempt of drawing a plain palm, but it also did not look too great.
Oh, yeah, the changes to the face and postures are on the next iteration (fully colored even):
I mean wow. That looks... Good?
No matter. Still based on some other dudess artwork :/
Why is there a gun? I was a bit too bored with drawing and redrawing hands over and over and over and over again, so I just said "fuck it, shes holding a gun alright. with 3 of her fingers. awkwardly."
And to be honest? That works. Looks nice and edgy, just how I like it ("it" does not refer to the furry in question btw)
I then took a half-an-hour-long break and came back to do some practice. On a separate canvas I did like a billion attempts at both paws and hands, resulting in... Hmm... I am still a low(est)-skill at this, so it surely was not enough. I will practice more in the future, but now it is time for marching forwards with what I have at hands.
Oh, and yeah, I tried the 👈 gesture too, the result is below. I do not like how it looks though.
and then I got a bit too confident
I decided to try to draw my first no-reference furry fox. It went quite badly.
Ye, itss shit. Its first iteration (that I had conveniently deleted yesterday as it turns out) was even worse. The creature depicted was of a high resemblance to a human crossdresser, a similarity I did not envision for originally.
But it only looks like shit in comparison with the previous work, but that was just one lucky shot and should not be compared to other works directly. Relative to my first drawing, this is just miles better. Still shit though.
Nothing should come first try, as that may highten the bar of expectations just a bit too sharply.
And as I do not have much left to comment on this one, let us move on to my latest piece.
Man. Thatss some evolution right here. Once again, relative to my previous drawing, miles betters. Is it of any real notoriety though? Nah.
The body shape is still wanky as hell, I still do not know how to draw paws or pawy feet or whatever. Here is the colored version.
I redrew the fingers (or paws, again, whatever) and the CD to look more natural. On second thought, maybe the curviness of the torso could be a feature. Like yknow foxes are nimble and stuff. Slim and shady, man. Btw, gotta draw a fox rapping one day, that should be quite bloody ridiculous :D
Allinall, good stuff, nice progression going on here. Got ups and downs and all. Imm tired but yo, Imm going to push on trough with it all. Really get the shit hitting the fan yknow. Itss gonna be like a bloody Jackson Pollockss exhibition. But shitted all over, as it usually is with anything furry-related. But for now, thatss all folks.
Connection terminated.
The grind is real
Yay, news!
This time much less to write about. Only 1 new work here for now, and it is not even fully original. Today I have decided to dive deeper into the theory behind furry smut. The basics of proportions, anatomy and stuff like that. Also figured some good old revEng of other peopless work wontt do any harm. The result is this one finished piece. There are several (4) more that did not make the cut, didnnt have time to finish and color them all.
Tried to copy the referencess (I gotta stop typing like a degenerate probably, itss unreadable) structure, as I had not yet tried drawing with this kind of POV angle. Looks nice, cant complain as it was copied from a decent artwork already.
I fell kinda shameful for using other works as my learning material. Aside form the glaring problem with my now-nsfw-all-of-a-sudden phone gallery, I just feel kinda bad for yknow basically copying, slightly modifying and publishing the work of other creators. I still like cite them an all (kinda cite them, I link to the originals my pieces are based on), but it feels morally wrong somehow. But why would it, with my estimations this blog is read by what 1.2666(6 repeating) people, out of which probs no one reads theese ramblings fully, not me even, I just kinda skim through them to detect markup mistakes and whatnot is those occur. But the heaviness in my heart does not go away still :/
Ah, and speaking of references. I ran out! How did this happen, there were like a million pics of naked foxes on my hard drive and I have disassembled and studied all of them, like bro wtf. Thankfully I got myself an invite to a private telegram chat dedicated to fapping on fucking foxes. Big ambitions require big actions. Sometimes you just gotta get your hands dirty (not in that sense ok, I still feel deep disdain towards the fluffy bastards in question). And they post new stuff like every two hours, its crazy. And, mind that, really high quality
Only today I have managed to create nearly a dozen new canvases in my paint programm, and I think I can see signs of burnout at this point. Man, burnout on my third day wtf.
In conclusion, Illl try to make more otiginal works. I hope that helps me somewhat with this whole endeavour. But for now, thatss it! Have a nice day and do not forget to call your elderly relatives, by my estimations that makes them a billion or so percent happier
Connection terminated.
Dontt be so serious
A new art with my favs game and Pavlusha :3
for the painting process refer to the blogpost above (js fancypants), its basically the same thing this time too.
cooler linework 🕶 :
and the finished and cropped version, cuz the hands, oh the hands...
Aaaaand... thatss all for now! This piece took quite a while till I could call it finished. And I hope it stays that way, bigger works, better quality andall.
As you can (not) see here, I did not credit anyone this and the last times, so that means it is original, which is good! I love to be the sole creator of my work, even if it is shitty on some level and it couldve been better with some help in aform of a reference or something.
But thatss all for now. I have thought about this website a lot in the last two days. I cantt seem to land on a unifying writing style. Idk if it should be ironic and sassy like the first entry, or more serious like the later ones. And that train of thought does not want to move anywhere, it sits here, and so do I, pondering what the right answer may look like. Fuck pondering and trains yo. Imm not sad, just tired.
Connection terminated.
The writers and the blocks
New piece (of shit of work) today for all (of noone) of you too see. I feel tired, once again. No spark, like the one which I had in the beginning. Is that because my progress is much more subtle now? nah. Today my Death Stranding thinggything got posted in the telegram channel from where I got pretty much all of my references. And it got appraised too. But I fell... empty? hmm...
I wontt post my latest art here, cuz it was more of a practice run, you can find it in the gallery. I wanted to try to draw some non-upright postures. The face (who am I kidding the whole pic) looks, lets say not ideal. shit. not good enough.
Is that what you, real artists, call a "writerss block"? or artists block who cares. That was a hellova week, but I feel depleted now.
I will take a break from this.
no more daily arts I say (at least no daily blogs, new arts might still be found in the aforementioned gallery)

thank you and goodbye for now!
btw, its all cool and fine, this aint no depression if i had seen one, just the lack of inspiration
connection terminated :3
O, hOI, hello there! Back 2 present what I call "good ssshhhiiittt". And a spooky story to boot.
First, the story.

So, just the other night I was just chilling there, sleeping like I usually do.
wait, no, I will make the story more lovecraftian alright
ahem, ahem

It was a chilly night in Surgut, a city known to most as a "Токсичное Болото". Not many of all living here can call themselves sane. The heavy-metal lead-coloured clouds, high-rise flat blocks, churches every couple of hundred meters... They weigh on one's psyche, wearing it out not unlike how a pencil used to draw furries wears out over time during its owner's endless drawing sessions. One day the artist puts just too much pressure on that pencil. And it breaks.
It is said, some days in this god forgotenn city one can catch a glimpse of something beyond our realm of existence. Horrific monsters slumbering just a little too peacefully for us to notice them.
Not even god knows what happens to the unfortunate ones who gaze into that abyss for too long...
Not_Important0 was lying in his bed, peacefully, like a baby in its cradle. His thoughts were pure as the aforementioned baby's ass. Pure.
And what was he dreaming? Also something pure probably, although it does not matter in this context. It was full moon that night, stray dogs howling in the park nearby, fucking motorcyclists were finishing their goddamn 20th lap around my block. A peaceful night, as mentioned before.

In his dreams The Dude In Question was wondering the empty streets of his home city. It was raining with 70% probability (when moving from a location to a location a Math.random() function is called and is compared with 0.7f. if smaller, an area.ambient.rain variable is set to true. otherwise nothing happens). The Dude was quite unlucky and got himself soaked with rain water. It seemed like he did not care though.

While walking around his respiteblock he noticed something strange. The whole city was light-less, in a complete darkness, except for the faint ghostly glow of the moon, being as pale as ever. But something was out of ordinary, and quite flattering to our protagonist. The usually (I shit you not, I somehow misspelled the word "usually" as "sus" at first time) monolithic wall near the block's entrance had a sus looking door in the middle of it. It did not look like it could even belong there, seemed somehow non-euclidean. The wall was a bit curved inwards by the way, it *WAS* non-euclidean.

An alluring glow seeped from the door, inviting to take a peek inside. Could a man resist god's command? Does a man really have a choice in such circumstances?

Inside, the great cosmos awaited. Walls blacker then [insert a racist joke here. it's lovecraft afterall :3]. They seemed to be as far away from the protagonist as our planet from neptune. Almost too far to comprehend. No, actually, too far to comprehend indeed, that is like, a lot of distance. But somehow it seemed like just too little space. It was claustrophobia inducing, like all things this incomprehensive of a scale.
And in the middle of it all, probably as far away from the entrance as anything else in this "room", was It. The God. Of Fucking Furries. I Shit You Not.

Its appearance cannot be communicated by any means, and even if it could have been, any person intaking the description would be driven mad just by knowing the fact such a description exists.
So I will conveniently omit it.

Unfortunately, our protagonist could not just forget what he saw there, the god's huge [REDACTED] specifically. He could only whisper out a single word: "Yes"
Waking up in cold sweat, The Dude was feeling more tired than when he got into bed before. The clock casually showed the time -- 4:20 am. Nice.
He thought it was just a bad dream, like nothing has changed. But something snapped inside him. An unspeakable seed of horror, of the Old Gods was planted in his soul.

He thought of something. It felt like the giant [REDACTED] from his dream was still here, with him. Wasn't there a question asked by The Great One? And he remembered it. And he snapped once again. Flipped his shit, basically.

Why does a man like furries? Is it inherit to the human kind? Or is it a deviation, but a widespread one at that? Is furry fandom not unlike a cult?
Who knows, I'm no furry.

What a great story, really inspirational, has a nice message too. And it is like maybe 90% true, that really did happen to me
I did not draw a lot the past like 2-3 weeks, but all the pieces will still be uploaded in the gallery.
And as I graduated from my 11th grade yesterday, I now will be able to commit arson and adultery over internet. I got hella inspired by that too, so today was the day I drew a REAL 18+ NSFW shit. The only thing I changed from normal is that I have drawn nipples this time.
But mamma mia, have you seem that lady in the picture?
I have finally found my place in this world. Fuck the skinny like vanilla foxes. I want some real experienced lads, MILFs, as they call 'em. And just like that, this ting was put into production and finished in like an hour.
Can you even believe it, I drew a NEARLY PERFECT CIRCLE for the head the FIRST ATTEMPT. Alright, here is the piece:
This time the drawing process was significantly different.
Before I have started I had thought of the most important part of the painting, something, that needed to be the first thing to appear on my canvas. The boobz.
Instead of starting with a head, like I always did, I had drawn two monstrous breasts. Everything else followed fluidly. That's the new meta, btw.

One other cool trick a friend of mine suggested me to try was the variable line thiccness in points of bend, basically.
The rough linework:
Cooler linework:
Am I happy with this art? Absolutely not! I hate it! But may it serve as a stepping stone for all my future achievements in this field of furry-painting.
Let there be MILF foxes, the god said. Yes, I replied.
or maybe it asked me if I'm furry, who knows. (I do)
connection terminated :3